Editorial / July 20th, 2017

Are UAV plant counts accurate?

 UAV Stand Count

In partnership with SLANTRANGE, Precision Unmanned works to discover just how accurate Stand Counts collected with a UAV can be.

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Editorial / January 30th, 2017

A look at Precision Ag in 2016 and whats ahead in 2017

Irrigation Image

Jesse Badger, Director of Agriculture Survey at Precision Unmanned discusses UAV data collection in 2016 and whats in store for 2017.

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Editorial / January 16, 2016

DJI A2 with ADS-B Transponder

Interesting look at the use of ADS-B to intergrate UAVs into the National Airspace System.

Editorial / September 13, 2015

UAVs and LIDAR are changing the survey game


With advances in both UAV and LIDAR technology, the cost effective uses for LIDAR are only now starting to be realized.

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July 18, 2015

Hawk View Cellars Winery

Precision would like to thank Hawks View Cellars for inviting us over to their beautiful vineyard. If you are in Portland Oregon and bypass this fantastic spot without sampling their offerings you are missing out. As a thank you we made them this quick video. Enjoy!

Editorial / May 27, 2015


Phantom3 Drone

While I was flying my DJI Phantom 3 from Ponte Santa Trinita—one of the beautiful bridges of Florence—during our recent Italy Dream Photo Tour a wonderful thing happened.

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Editorial / April 10, 2015


  • UAS disaster rescue
  • UAS avalanche control
  • Drone emergency defibrillator delivery
  • UAS drone medicine delivery
  • Drone traffic protector for cyclists

You probably heard Amazon's idea to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for home delivery. But what if, in addition to delivering our purchases, drones could also protect people or save us from harm.

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Editorial / April 09, 2015

Know where to fly


It's easier than ever to get your hands on a ready-to-fly quadcopter to send buzzing around the skies. But there are definitely some guidelines you'll want to follow before taking off.

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