Our process

How we do it

First Step

We fly your crops and collect the images necessary to identify the stressed areas .

Second Step

Those images are processed in the field allowing us to create vegetation index maps.

Third Step

Using the index maps we will work with you to create a prescription based on the results.

your crops in a whole new light

The world of Precision Agriculture is all about good management practices with the goal of optimizing return on inputs while preserving resources. .

Precision specializes in highlighting deficiencies in your crop using state of the art unmanned aircraft with cutting edge sensors.

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With our full UAV-to-tractor work flow we will scout your crops, analyze plant health and work with you to create prescriptions allowing you to begin treatment all on the same day. Our software is fully compatible with leading precision farming software and equipment. Simple, safe and effective.

Our fixed wing and rotorcraft drones are capable of flying up to 200 acres in a 45 minute flight. In flight, the aircraft collects high resolution images in the Near Infra Red (NIR), Red Edge, Red, Green spectrum and RGB in the visible spectrum for digital scouting. Using calibrated light sensors on top of the aircraft, imagery can be collected in unfavorable light conditions. With multiple aircraft flying at the same time, we can cycle aircraft through the collection and processing stages.

Our goal is volume. The more we fly, the cheaper it is per acre, the more return you see. With per use and contract pricing, we can make our services an invaluable tool in your production arsenal.