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Precision Utility Division has the ability to save you hundreds of manual survey hours. Using thermal and zoom capable sensors, Precision gets you actionable data in a fraction of the time.

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Precision can create accurate 3D property maps to help optimize your operations. In addition, Precision can generate survey-grade volumetric data to monitor and keep track of your stockpiles.

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With 3D imaging and progress surveys, Precision can help keep you on track for an on time completion of your project. Daily, monthly or single use aerial surveys can ensure your construction project stays on track.

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Utilizing our Radiometric FLIR Thermal sensor, Precision can streamline any solar inspection project. A fraction of the cost and time, Precision can form the backbone of your predictive maintenance program.

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Wind Turbine

UAS footage has revolutionized wind turbine survey. In the field or offshore, we can provide live zoomable and thermal footage of your turbiness that wil allow you to allocate resources where they are needed.

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Do you have a survey situation that could benefit from an aerial perspective? With nearly daily advances in UAS technology Precision can work with you to develop a solution to meet your needs.

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Efficient Inspection


Thermal Inspection


Thermal Inspection


3D Mapping

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UAV services are poised to change the way business is done.

Precision is capitalizing on the trend towards UAS integration into the survey world. By equipping our clients with state of the art resources, Precision is poised to change the way you survey and inspect.

Strictly adhering to regulations set forth by the FAA, Precision employs dedicated aviation professionals and employs practices that will keep your project on the right track.

Let Precision handle the day-to-today of running a commercial aviation program for you. Using tried and tested aviation management practices honed through years of in the field use, Precision can deliver results.

Precision attends conferences and trade shows across the globe to make sure that we are staying ahead the curve with the latest equipment and practices.